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Re-imagining Real Estate (for you)

We understand people’s apprehensions towards investing in real estate through a private equity fund in today’s scenario. Hence we bring to you the new approach for investing, by addressing key investor questions:


Distinct Investment themes

The Investment Manager is focussed on providing returns based on identifying projects with a shorter project cycle with either significant value delivered on site or smaller project size to take advantage of cash flow profiles that are well placed in the near term.


Focused Investment Approach

Raising an optimum sized pool of capital that is adequate for the investment opportunity identified in Scheme ROF – I


Experienced Management Team

The Management Team has professionals with diverse backgrounds and deep insights on the real estate sector in India. With over fifty years of combined experience with complimentary backgrounds, the team brings forth its unique perspectives earned from rigorous on-ground experience, translating into an ability to pro-actively identify investible business propositions and managing through the entire investment cycle.


Micro Market Knowledge

The Investment Manager endeavours to utilise all its learning’s to pro-actively identify the investment opportunities by forging new relationships and analysing investible business propositions.


Active Asset Management Capability

The Investment Manager will seek to leverage operational synergies with the JLL services platform in India at an arm’s length in providing a robust active asset management on invested assets to secure returns for investors


Deep market insights

Deep market insights that translated into Consistent risk adjusted returns